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Who Is Annie Anderson From The Baby Skylar Case? Family Background

Annie Anderson Baby Skylar Case has once again made the headlines as the authorities cracked an old case. The mystery of Baby Skylar, a newborn girl who was strangled and left in a trash can at a Phoenix airport in 2005, has finally been solved after almost 20 years.

20 years ago, the authorities found a newborn’s body dumped in the trash in a woman’s restroom at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix on Oct. 10, 2005.

Someone had wrapped the baby inside a plastic bag with the red Marriott hotel logo. At the time, they found the baby was only one day old when she tragically died.

However, she was not born in the airport bathroom but someone has bonded her. The medical examiner revealed the baby died due to a suffocation.

After multiple attempts and technologies, the case became cold for twenty years.

However, the authorities finally made progress and now they have found the culprit, Annie Anderson.

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Annie Anderson From The Baby Skylar Case

Investigators went through several new technologies to track down the mother of baby Skylar over the years.

The modern forensic testing on the baby’s body for several years finally led to Annie Anderson, the baby’s mother.

The authorities identified a potential maternal match to 51-year-old Annie Anderson. She has now been charged in the baby’s death.

In October 2005, Annie visited Phoenix for a “real estate boot camp” when she dumped the baby in the washroom trash.

Further, in January 2022, during an interview with the investigators, she admitted that she was the mother of baby Skylar.

Annie Anderson
Authorities found a dead newborn baby in the airport 20 years back (Source: Law & Crime)

Around that time, investigators flew to Washington state to carry out a search warrant for Anderson. They went there following forensic examinations conducted several months prior.

Agents with the FBI Phoenix Violent Crime Task Force and Phoenix police worked together in the cold case.

They reviewed existing evidence in the case, which included DNA samples. They used genealogy testing as an “identity resolution technique,” eventually leading them to Annie.

Ultimately, a grand jury in Maricopa County issued an arrest warrant for her on the first-degree murder charge.

Police announced that they have arrested Annie Anderson in Washington state. Anderson confessed to the crime and faces a first-degree murder charge.

As per the police, she is now in custody in Washington state. After returning to Phoenix, she is expected to face multiple felony charges.

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Annie Anderson Family Background

There are no additional details of Annie Anderson’s family background. She has now been charged with first-degree murder charge in the baby Skylar case.

Annie is from Washington, and there are few details about where she was born. Anderson is now 51 years old.

None of her family members have come forward in the case to talk about her. While they are trying to stay away from the media, we need to respect their privacy.

Moreover, there are also no records of her marriage, husband, or other kids. As of now, she is in custody, according to police reports.

Annie Anderson Baby Skylar
New DNA information finally led the authorities to arrest in Baby Skylar’s cold case (Source: 12 News)

While authorities found her with DNA and genealogy evidence, you cannot find the details of her family tree in the public outlets.

Annie has yet to reveal the reason behind the horrifying crime that she committed. Authorities had addressed that her baby only lived 24 hours after her birth.

According to the local outlet, they do not believe that the father was involved in the murder. Also, the baby’s father has not commented on the ongoing case.

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