Sparkle Soojian Wikipedia And Age: Meet Her Boyfriend Jared Kasiewicz

Sparkle Soojian popular
Sparkle Soojian has over thirteen thousand followers on Instagram.

Sparkle Soojian past actions and her popularity as a talk show host have made people curious about her Wikipedia biography.

Sparkle Soojian is an actress, writer, model, and talk show host; as profile bio in her IMBD states that she has been acting and writing since her very early days.

Additionally, she got her first acting job when she was sixteen years old and her first acting job was a minor role in an old-forgotten music video.

She has also written a lot of articles throughout her career. She has published many articles; her first article was about her acting experience.

Soojian is a talented person with vast experience in many fields. She has also acted and performed on stage before turning twenty.

So, her experience before turning twenty was in the acting and writing fields.

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Sparkle Soojian Wikipedia And Age

Sparkle Soojian was born on 30 March 1983, in the United States of America. As of 2024, she is 41 years old.

There are no vast details available on the internet about Soojian. It is mainly because of her involvement in a murder.

In 2015, Soojian was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The victim in this case was King-Smith, who was the CEO of Blacksmith Records in Los Angeles, California. He was thirty-one years old when he died.

Soojian, after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, was sentenced to three years in prison.

She was released from prison after serving a full sentence. She has since pushed her career in acting and show hosting.

Sparkle Soojian boyfriend
Sparkle Soojian is known for her article writing. (Source: Instagram)

Sparkle even has a YouTube channel with over three thousand subscribers. Except for her YouTube, she also has a huge fan following on her Instagram account.

Sparkle has kept her childhood and relationship secret mainly because of her controversial past.

Her financial situation is also not revealed in any official format so her wealth and salary are unknown.

Some sources claim that Sparkle Soojian’s net worth is between six hundred thousand and some million dollars.

However, due to a lack of reliable sources, it can not be said for certain how much her net worth truly is.

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Meet Her Boyfriend Jared Kasiewicz

Jared Kasiewicz is a former marine born on 11 August 1987 in the United States of America. More details about Jared are not available on the internet.

He was also the one who was involved in the murder of King-Smith in 2015 along with Sparkle and Courtney Argue.

Jared was also found guilty of the murder of King-Smith and was sentenced to three years in prison.

After being released from prison, he also made a YouTube channel. But his channel does not seem to be active.

People believe that he was the one who murdered King-smith by choking him to death.

sparkle soojian detail
Sparkle Soojian has shown her skills in various fields. (source: Facebook)

But the law did not find him guilty of directed murder but of involuntary manslaughter. Due to this he also only got three years in prison.

Even manslaughter in most states of the USA is usually ten years in prison, but since Jared was not found guilty of manslaughter, he had to spend less time in prison.

As for the relationship between him and Sparkle right now, there is not much to report.

They have not posted about each other after being released from prison. So, no information is available on whether they are still together or not.

Sparkle has not posted anything about their relationship on any of her social media accounts.

So, their relationship status after their release from prison is unknown.

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