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Bobbi Althoff Lesbian Rumors: Is Rubi Rose Her Girlfriend? Dating History

Recent viral videos on Twitter have sparked the Bobbi Althoff lesbian rumors, especially after the connection with Rubi Rose.

Bobbi Althoff was born on July 31, 1997, in the United States of America and grew up in Southern California, US.

She is an American podcaster famous for her podcast with celebrities like Drake, Lil Yachty, Offset, and other famous personalities.

Bobbi started going viral in 2021 when she posted videos on TikTok 2021.

Additionally, her first video, which has over two hundred million, was her dancing with a banana.

Her initial content was usually focused on her pregnancy updates, but later, she started posting some comedy content.

She made a new TikTok account in 2023 to post some comedy content. Later that year she announced that she was starting a podcast named “The Really Good Podcast”.

Her podcast is very successful as she was able to podcast with many famous celebrities. But the rapid rise in fame has also attracted some controversy.

One of the main controversies includes Drake when her podcast sparked rumors of a feud with him.

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Bobbi Althoff Lesbian Rumors: Is Rubi Rose Her Girlfriend?

Bobbi Althoff has never talked about sexuality openly. But if anybody looks at her personal life it might not be hard to come to the conclusion that she is not lesbian.

She was married to Cory Althoff in 2020 but the couple divorced in 2023. Bobbi and Cory together have two daughters born in 2019 and 2022.

She likes to call her daughters Richard and Concrete so that she can maintain privacy regarding her daughter.

So, as it is evident, she is not a lesbian and has never been in a relationship with any lady.

But the rumor about Rubi Rose being her girlfriend is also trending on Twitter. So, many people are curious.

Bobbi Althoff husband
Bobbi Althoff has said that she often struggles with depression. (source: Instagram)

These rumors arose because of the recent AI leaks on Twitter. The last time such leaks was of Taylor Swift and it also made some headlines.

Sources claim that many videos went viral, and viral leaked videos feature many people and celebrities, including Bobbi and Rubi.

And since Bobbi and Rubi’s videos were the most viral videos, so people assumed that they were lesbians. But it is not true.

Rubi is an American rapper, model, and songwriter born on October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.

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Bobbi Althoff’s Dating And Relationship History

Bobbi went viral in 2021 and before that, her life was pretty much a mystery.

So, her dating history before 2020 is absolutely unknown especially because she likes to keep her personal life very private.

After 2020, she married Cory and had two daughters in December 2019 and June 2022.

Bobbi and Cory have decided to separate as Cory filed a divorce against Bobbi and the child custody is the only thing left to be decided.

Bobbi Althoff lesbian
Bobbi with her husband Cory Althoff. (source: Instagram)

Except for these relationships, no further information is available about Bobbi’s dating history.

Regarding her lesbian relationship, Bobbi has never talked about being in a relationship with anybody of her gender.

So in conclusion, Bobbi has never revealed anything about her lesbian rumour. Plus her having two children might also suggest that she is not lesbian at all.

And her rumor with Rubi Rose is nothing but some internet virals due to AI content.

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