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Does Dallas Liu Have Brother? Siblings And Family Details

Dallas Liu, a young and attractive actor, and his brother and family are trending on the internet after his performance in the latest TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Dallas Liu was born on 21 August 2001, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Liu is an American actor famous for appearing in the TV series PEN15, Legendary Dudas, and the latest Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, California and was practising Japanese Shotokan from a very young age of five.

Moreover, Dallas competed in the North American Sport Karate Association domestically and internationally. But stopped competing internationally at the age of thirteen.

His first role as an actor was playing a young version of Jin Kazama on Tekken. He got to audition for this role because of one of his martial arts teachers.

Since then, he has been featured in more than fifteen TV series and films and has continued to excel in his acting skills.

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Does Dallas Liu Have a Brother?

Dallas Liu has a younger brother with whom he shares a great relationship.

His younger brother’s name is Dylan Liu. The age difference between the two brothers is at least three years.

Dallas gave an interview, in September 2020, when he was nineteen revealing that his brother was sixteen.

However, there is not much additional information about his brother in any media sources.

Dallas Liu brother
Dallas Lui plays the role of Zuko in the latest TV series. (Source: Instagram)

Dallas also revealed in the same interview that he enjoyed playing Shuji in Pen15. This is because this character reminds the relationship between him and his younger brother.

In Pen15, there is a love-hate relationship between brother and sister. So, we can assume Dallas also has the same fun sibling relationship with his little brother.

Liu likes to keep other information about his brother private. So, that is all the information available regarding his little brother Dylan.

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Dallas Liu’s Siblings And Family Details

Except for one brother, Dallas does not have any other siblings. At least, he has not revealed any other siblings’ details.

Dallas’s family consists of four people, including his parents and his little brother. Moreover, his parents keep a low profile on social media platforms.

Dallas Liu is of Chinese-Indonation descent. His father is of Indonesian descent while his mother is of Chinese descent.

It is also believed that Dallas’s parents have a sporting history. But whatever the case is, they have supported Dallas in his steps.

His parents were the ones who sparked his interest in martial arts in Dallas by sending him to martial arts lessons.

Dallas Liu family
Dallas Lui with famous actor Benedict Wong. (Source: Twitter)

Dallas has also revealed in an interview that his parents have supported him in every step of his decision. He also said that he would be lost if it wasn’t for his parents.

In the same interview, Dallas also revealed that he hoped someday he would be able to make his parents proud.

Further, he also says that he tries to be a role model for his little brother by being a better human every day.

Overall, Dallas has kept most of his personal life a secret and there is little about his brother and family.

Dallas is a talented young actor whose career trajectory seems to be going in the right direction.

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