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Does Tyler Small Have AIDs? Illness And Health Update

As Tyler Small childhood friend, Hydeia, recently passed away, people are keen to know about his health condition at the present time, pressing the question of his AIDS speculations. 

20 years back, WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon met two kids, Tyler Small and Hydeia Broadbent, during an appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show.”

Tyler remembered the time he met Ramon alongside Hydeia Broadbent as being amazing.

He has been a huge fan of wrestling and Ramon since childhood. He met the wrestler while he did a show with Jerry Springer.

They ended up going to one of the WrestleMania in California. Tyler explained the time with Ramon as a life-changing moment in their life.

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Does Tyler Small Have AIDs?

Tyler Small was born with HIV/AIDs to his mother. Tyler and Hydeia Broadbent were amongst the few people who lived with fatal diseases since the day of their birth.

He shared a significant bond with the late Hydeia Broadbent through shared experiences with AIDS and advocacy work.

During an interview, he talked about his life experience growing up.

Tyler added he grew up listening if he would or would not have a long life from his parents and doctors. He never knew if any of his dreams come true.

hydeia broadbent married tyler small
Tyler and Hydeia Broadbent were childhood best friend. (Source: Black Health Matters)

Growing up, there was no cure for the diseases of Tyler and Hydeia. They only had love and friendship from the people around them.

He also opened up about Scott Hall taking the time and care for them during the time of pain and side effects of medication.

Furthermore, he explained people like Hall were the reason they could fight the illness. Hydeia mentioned they were the first generation of people who were born with HIV/AIDs.

Lack of awareness caused a lot of discrimination within the families at the time.

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Tyler Small Illness And Health Update

Tyler Small has been fighting a life-threatening disease, HIV/AIDs, since the time of his birth.

While we don’t have an update on his health, he lost his childhood friend, Hydeia Broadbent.

In the present, Small has three children who are all negative and are living a healthy life. He is happily married to his wife and has a good family life.

Small also disclosed that his son is a wrestling fan. Apart from that, he has not disclosed much information about his family.

Broadbent started activism for HIV/AIDS when she was only 6 years old. Sadly, she passed away after fighting the disease and raising awareness for years.

Hydeia Broadbent sadly passes away
Hydeia Broadbent sadly passes away in her late 20s in February 2024 (Source: Instagram)

She not only raised awareness but also worked to prevent HIV/AIDS, and helped many people in need.

Hydeia became the pioneer as the first African-American youth to speak out about the epidemic.

Before her demise, the activist had touched and helped many lives during her lifetime. She became an inspiration for thousands of people all across the world.

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