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Survivor 46 David Jelinsky Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now? Relationship Timeline

David Jelinsky, the multifaceted artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, has made waves on the iconic reality TV show Survivor 46, and viewers want to know about his girlfriend, too. 

David Jelinsky, the 22-year-old contestant on Survivor 46, was born on November 2, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

He currently finishing his last semester at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both Gaming Management and International Business.

He graduated from Doral Academy of Nevada Red Rock, where he captained the Varsity Basketball and Varsity Quiz Bowl teams.

His dedication to education, alongside his artistic pursuits, showcases his commitment to personal growth and excellence.

Beyond reality TV, David was a theatre kid growing up. Also, he danced professionally in ballroom for two years and even received a ballet scholarship. As a huge Swiftian, he appreciates music on and off the stage.

Hailing from Chicago, David’s parents played a crucial role in nurturing his artistic aspirations.

Their unwavering support fueled his determination to carve out his space in the competitive world of music and entertainment.

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David Jelinsky Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now?

As of now, there is no specific information available about David Jelinsky’s girlfriend, and also, there is no public information available about his current dating status or any specific relationship.

His focus seems to be on his artistic pursuits, including his participation in Survivor 46 and his passion for music.

David Jelinskey
David drops out for one year after high school was a risk that has paid off so far. (Source: Instagram)

Although he has captured viewers’ attention with his intriguing backstory and determination to compete on the iconic reality TV show.

His interview shows many reflects about the survivor 46 on the podcast on YouTube Channel.

Also, few questions were answered by him as Name three of your favorite hobbies: where he replied as Sports (basketball and bowling), trivia/puzzles, Magic/Card games, organization.

In a CBS preview interview, David describes himself as “very humorous, witty, but devious.” He expects others to perceive him as someone who wants to smoke a doobie on the beach, but he sees himself as a “super analytical, super intelligent” person. Brace yourself for his potential villainous moments on the island!

And List three adjectives that best describe yourself where he replied as Passionate, Confident, Intelligent.

In Addition, he competes as an original member of the Yanu tribe in this season of Survivor!

While his personal life remains private, but on Instagram we can see few memories and moment of him.

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David Jelinsky Relationship Timeline

There is no specific information about his relationship but about his journey on Survivor 16 has lots of thrills and drama.

Jelinsky is the youngest contestant to compete on Survivor 46, who has been in highlights recently.

David Jelinsky relation
David was a theatre enthusiast and even danced professionally in ballroom for two years. (Source: Instagram)

In the podcast his excitement spilled over on Instagram when he announced his participation: “I got to live my dream last summer! I will be competing on Survivor 46!”

In another interview, David shares insights about growing up in Vegas, his experiences, and how he feels prepared for the game. He knew from a young age that Survivor was what he was supposed to do.

Tune in to Survivor on CBS and Paramount Plus on Wednesday, February 28th at 8 PM to witness this slot machine sales specialist take on life’s biggest gamble!

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