The Voice Season 25 Alyssa Age And Wikipedia: Father Anthony Crosby And Mother

alyssa crosby
Alyssa is a vocalist with the well-known cover band Wildcard, based in Broome County, New York.(Source: The Direct)

With her stunning voice and heartfelt renditions, Alyssa Crosby has captivated the audience of The Voice season 25, so her admirers are eager to discover her wikipedia and life story.

Alyssa Crosby, a talented contestant on The Voice Season 25, was born in Fresno, California, the United States, on 17th February 2002.

She attends the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, where she is pursuing an M.Sc. in Aviation Management and conducting a research study.

She is actively investigating the relationship between domestic air travel and tourism in Tobago, particularly emphasizing the accommodation sector.

Alyssa is administering an electronic survey as part of her research, covering several aspects of domestic air travel and business performance.

In addition to her academic pursuits, she is a singer and songwriter whose exceptional talent and dynamic stage presence have led her to collaborate with other notable bands such as Grown Ups and Masterpiece.

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Alyssa Crosby Age And Wikipedia

At 22 years old, she has impacted the local music scene. As a vocalist with Wildcard, she delivers hits spanning decades from the 1970s to the present.

She’s been exploring acoustic performances, teaming up with fellow musician Nick Gacioch from Two Dollar Pistol, another Broome County band.

Together, they create intimate renditions of well-known songs, showcasing Alyssa’s ability to captivate audiences even in stripped-down settings.

The Voice Alyssa
Alyssa vividly remembers singing her heart out at the bar when she was nine. (Source: YouTube)

Beyond live performances, Alyssa has ventured into recording. In early January, she released a cover of Miley Cyrus’s emotive track, “Used to Be Young”.

Her journey of self-discovery and resilience has been fueled by the changes she’s made in her life and the song “Used to Be Young” carries even deeper meaning against this backdrop.

She also shares her music on social media like YouTube, but she has deleted most accounts from Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Alyssa’s appearance on The Voice promises to open new doors and create exciting opportunities.

In September 2023, she celebrated her 1500th day of sobriety. Her resilience and self-discovery find a voice in every note she sings.

And the journey into the world of music began at a young age, fueled by her parents’ influence and her innate passion.

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Alyssa Crosby: Father Anthony Crosby And Mother

Alyssa’s father, Anthony Crosby, owned a karaoke business he describes as those lively nights at the bar, where music reverberated through the air, left an indelible mark on young Alyssa.

She was nine, but her heartbeat was in sync with the melodies. Accompanying her father during equipment setups, Alyssa seized every chance to perform.

The stage became her canvas, where she could unleash her alter ego, the side of her that couldn’t fully express itself in everyday life.

Alyssa Crosbey
Her journey of self-discovery and resilience has been fueled by the changes she made in her life. (Source: The Hawk)

Michelle, Alyssa’s stepmom, has also witnessed her musical talent firsthand.

She recalls the first time she heard Alyssa’s voice echoing through the shower—an awe-inspiring moment that deeply impressed her.

Also, a sister named Tracy is part of the musical family that has supported Alyssa’s passion for singing.

Together, they share a love for music and have left a lasting impact on the local music scene.

Alyssa’s family support has been unwavering as she pursues her singing career.

They’ve made sacrifices and stood by her side, enabling her to chase her dreams where music runs in the family, with Alyssa and her older sister sharing a passion for singing.

Described as animated and silly by Alyssa’s fiancé, Dan, her joy and happiness shine through when she performs, and also, he wholeheartedly supports her musical aspirations.

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