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Emil Nolde: Artist of the Elements

To put it plainly, the work of Emil Nolde (1867-1956) is not well known enough on these shores. That’s why we’re publishing the first-ever English language introduction of this extraordinary painter.

Renowned for his vibrant oil and watercolor paintings, Nolde faced rejection from the Berlin Secession and condemnation from Hitler and the National Socialists. In 1937, twenty-seven of his paintings were displayed and derided at the Nazi-organized Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) exhibition, while an additional thousand works were seized from museums and galleries.

From his contributions to European landscape painting to his involvement with the Die Brücke group, our aspiration with “Emil Nolde: Artist of the Elements” is to inspire a major museum in Britain to host an exhibition honoring this overlooked German master.

To provide a glimpse of Nolde’s remarkable talent and diverse portfolio—including landscapes, flowers, religious themes, Berlin night scenes, still lifes, portraits, and seascapes—below are some of our favorite selections featured in the book, slated for release at the end of March. Simply click on a thumbnail to start the slideshow.

Top image shows Emil Nolde and his wife Ada punting in a boat in the 1920s © Nolde Stifting Seebüll

emil nolde
All images in this article have been taken from Emil Nolde: Artist of the Elements by Averil King. For more, a chapter from the book is available to read online and to download here.




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