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Eminie Huges Parents And Family: Mother Shannon Williams And Father

Eminie Huges parents are worried as their daughter has gone missing for six days now. The news went viral online as the family believes that Eminie could have possibly been kidnapped.

Eminie Huges is a young girl from the United States of America whose name made headlines following the announcement of her missing news.

The young lady, whose age is said to be 12 years, has gone missing for six days, and family members are worried as they have not received a single update yet.

The family has also asked for help from people, and an AMBER Alert was issued on Wednesday as the girl has disappeared mysteriously for nearly a week.

Likewise, Huges’ mother, Shannon Williams, talked about her daughter in the media and gave some details about her missing child.

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Eminie Huges Parents: Mother Shannon Williams And Father

Eminie Huges was born to her parents in the United States of America.

Her mother’s name is Shannon Williams, while her father’s identity has not yet been published.

As said earlier, Eminie’s name came into the limelight after her missing news was published.

Nearly a week after the girl’s vanishment, her mother, Shannon, talked with the media.

She said, “I feel like she’s been kidnapped because it’s day five and I haven’t heard anything.”

Eminie Huges Parents
Eminie’s mother’s name is Shannon Williams, while her father’s identity has not yet been published. (Source: Facebook)

She opened up about her daughter while talking to KPRC, saying, “Anything could have happened, even though we’re going to pray for the best.”

As of now, the missing girl’s father has not come forward, and further details about her dad can’t be provided.

Eminie Huges Family Details Following the announcement of Eminie Huges’ missing case, the topic of her family has also come into the limelight.

As said earlier, the Huges family is worried as they believe that their daughter has been missing for some days now.

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Short Details On Missing Girl Eminie Huges

Eminie Huges went missing on February 22, 2024. On Tuesday, her family said that their daughter had been missing since the late hours of February 22.

At the time of her sudden vanishment, Huges was seen wearing a white crop top and pink joggers.

She was last spotted in the 7700 block of Waterchase Drive in Houston at 1:40 am.

Missing Girl Eminie Huges parents
Eminie Huges is currently at the center of a Houston Amber Alert after authorities say she has been missing since last Thursday. (Source: Facebook)

HPD investigators have said the girl entered a dark-colored four-door Dodge pickup truck.

Surveillance tape shows the truck turning around in the cul-de-sac of Waterchase Drive before exiting on Steeple Chase Road.

Her mother has said that Eminie also left with an Android tablet. Currently, the police have not been able to track the girl’s tablet.

Moreover, the family of Huges believes that their daughter may have been kidnapped.

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