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The Voice Season 25 Gene Taylor Parents Adoptive Mother And Father: Family Origin

Gene Taylor stunned the audience with his hypnotic performance of “Lights” during The Voice Season 25 blind auditions, earning him an incredible four-chair turn. Fans are fascinated by Gene Taylor’s skill and their increased interest in his parents and origin.

Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter Gene Taylor, 34, is gaining attention as a possible Season 25 contender on The Voice.

Gene is well-known for having a wide variety of musical skills. He can play the piano, guitar, bass, and voice.

Further, he adds a special flavor to The Voice stage with his diverse musical expertise, which includes appearances in national tour musicals and cruise ship gigs.

Gene lists Journey as his favorite 1980s rock band because he likes classic rock.

He has released four original tracks, “Think It Over,” “Still Hangin’ On,” “Overdose,” and “Now I Can Smile,” showing that his creative journey goes beyond covers.

Fans are eager to see Gene Taylor’s captivating live performances and stories as he prepares for The Voice Season 25.

They are also interested in learning more about Gene Taylor parents and more.

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Gene Taylor Parents Adoptive Mother And Father

As Gene captures the judge’s and the audience’s hearts. Fans are keen to know about Gene Taylor parents and their story.

Gene Taylor, a native of Brooklyn, won over the judges and audience on The Voice Season 25. He shared a moving story of his adoption experience with them.

Before his performance, Delphine, Gene’s mother, disclosed that she had adopted him following his abandonment at the hospital.

gene taylor parents
Gene Taylor Mother, Delphine, said that she had taken him in after he was left behind at the hospital (Source: TVLine)

When the lengthy adoption process was finally done, eight-year-old Gene finally got to experience the joy of having a loving family.

Gene Taylor and his mother, Delphine, shared heartfelt moments together as she played a crucial role in helping him achieve his aspirations.

No information about his adopted father is currently accessible. As a committed single mother, Delphine reared Gene and his sister with love and sacrifice, according to her accounts.

Fans are seeing firsthand how Gene’s mother and his journey on The Voice Season 25 have shaped his destiny in the music industry.

Gene and his mother have a close-knit relationship. The outstanding love and support Gene gets from his single mother continue to be the main center of attention while he pursues his artistic goals.

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The Voice Season 25 Gene Taylor Family Origin

The Voice Season 25 revealed Gene Taylor’s family’s interesting and lovable background.

At the infant age of six months, Gene was adopted by a single mother, and his life took an unusual turn.

Gene’s adoptive mother faced difficulties but gave him and his sister a loving and musical environment; his birth mother abandoned him at the hospital.

Despite their low-income upbringing, his adoptive mother is certain that music will become a vital part of their life.

gene taylor family
Taylor Gene has a single mother who raised him. (Source: Instagram)

Though Gene’s journey on The Voice has disclosed some details about his personal life. His family Origin and background are not disclosed to the public.

Gene keeps his family affairs private by not sharing personal information on his Instagram.

Currently, neither the facts of Gene Taylor’s family tree nor his romantic involvement are known.

The focus is still on Gene’s exceptional talent and the poignant story of his childhood. It highlights the unity and strength of his close-knit family.

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