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Jeramey And Laura Love Is Blind: Are They Still Together?

Jeramey and Laura were one of the five couples in the Netflix reality show Love Is Blind. The couple faced challenges along their way in the show, making fans question if they are still together.

Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman’s unique love story started with a blind connection and survived a dramatic twist.

They connected in the pods over their shared interest in cleanliness and their health issues.

Further, Jeramey revealed that he has sleep apnea and uses a machine at night, while Laura said that she has a rare genetic disorder that affects her vision.

They also bonded over their love for hiking and nature and are the couple who got engaged on the show.

However, many obstacles came in their relationship, and they faced some challenges along the way.

From a love triangle with Sarah Ann to a communication mishap involving bean dip, they had a lot of conflicts.

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Jeramey And Laura In Love Is Blind

Jeramey and Laura connected over their shared interests and values in Love is Blind. They quickly fell in love and decided to get engaged after only a few days of talking.

Laura said that Jeramey was ‘the one’ and that she felt a deep connection with him.

They met each other for the first time face-to-face and felt mutual attraction. Notably, they went on a romantic trip to the Dominican Republic.

laura and jeramey love is blind
Jeramey and Laura connected over their shared interests. (Source: StyleCaster)

Further, they enjoyed their time together and got to know each other better.

They seemed to have a fairy-tale romance in the pods, but their relationship soon faced many challenges in the real world.

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Honeymoon Phase Of Jeramey and Laura

Jeramey and Laura enjoyed their time together in the Dominican Republic. It was their romantic trip after getting engaged in the pods.

They explored the beautiful scenery, rode a boat, had a candlelit dinner, and cuddled in bed.

Moreover, they met the other couples and celebrated their love with them. They seemed to have much fun and chemistry and frequently expressed their feelings for each other.

Significantly, they said things like “I love you more than anything” and “You’re my soulmate.”

They appeared to be very happy and in love until they faced the ultimate test of their relationship.

How Jeramey And Laura Fought Over Sarah Ann?

Jeramey and Laura fought over Sarah Ann, Jeramey’s other pod date before he proposed to Laura.

Sarah Ann still had feelings for Jeramey and wanted to see him again.

Jeramey also admitted that he was curious about Sarah Ann and agreed to meet her after returning from the Dominican Republic.

Sarah Ann Love is Blind
Jeramey and Laura were involved in a love triangle with Sarah Ann, and Laura made a controversial joke about AD that upset Jeramey. (Source: TheDirect)

Laura found out about this and confronted Jeramey, accusing him of cheating on her and lying to her.

They had a heated argument, and Laura stormed out of their apartment.

How Jeramey And Laura Ended Their Relationship?

Jeramey and Laura ended their relationship after a series of conflicts and mistrust.

They had a big fight during their trip to the Dominican Republic.

Jeramey accused Laura of being too controlling, and Laura accused Jeramey of being too distant; they also had a communication mishap.

Jeramey revealed to the other couples that Laura had jokingly asked him to slap AD’s breasts, which Laura denied and felt embarrassed by.

The final straw was when Jeramey met with Sarah Ann, his other pod date, after returning home.

Laura found out about this and confronted Jeramey, accusing him of cheating on her and lying to her.

They have not spoken to each other since then, and their relationship is over.

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