Love Is Blind: What Does Bean Dip Mean? Slang Explained

Love Is Blind Season Six
Love Is Blind

A controversial joke about bean dip in the latest Netflix dating show, Love is Blind, known for its drama and twists, has confused and shocked people.

Love Is Blind is a famous TV series where a group of singles are put in separate pods, where they can only communicate with each other through a wall.

They have ten days to find their soulmate and propose without ever seeing each other face to face.

Once they are engaged, they are taken to a resort, where they finally meet their fiancé(e) and have some time together.

After, they return to their places and meet each other family and relatives as they plan their wedding.

Now, at the wedding altar, they must say “I do” or “I don’t” to proceed. The show has been hit or miss with all the seasons that came out.

The reviews of the show are mixed; the first season is rated as the best, and the fifth season of the show is rated as the lowest.

Also, lawsuits have been filed against this show, and many controversies in past seasons.

The controversies have not stopped, as the latest season has its own controversy.

In episode 6 of the latest season 6 of Love Is Blind, Laura makes a controversial comment on Amber Desiree with the slang “Bean Dip.”

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Love Is Blind Bean Dip Mean

People often use bean dip as slang for jokes and fun, but depending on the people’s nature, it can be taken negatively or positively.

In season six’s sixth episode, people hang around the beach and share stories.

When AD discusses bean sip slang, Jermy reveals that Laura told him to do that. With a surprised face, AD asks Jermy, who Laura asked to bean dip.

bean dip love is blind
AD from the Love Is Blind TV series. (source: Instagram)

Jermy reveals the answer by saying “You” to AD. That is the controversy that AD feels bad about since “bean dip” usually is a way to insult fat people as they often get offended and rightly so.

But the controversy is settled quickly, as in the immediate next section of the episode.

Laura tells AD that it was just a joke Jermy was wrong to bring it up, and it is childish behavior.

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Slang Bean Dip: Viewpoints

Close friends usually use bean dip as slang to either sexualize or joke about someone’s breasts and physical state.

People usually do not do or use it to a stranger cause it is more than likely abusive and offensive.

It has caused bullying and often harassed somebody in some cases, especially in schools.

Due to this reason, AD was very offended in that episode of the show.

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind is the latest dating TV series. (Source: Instagram)

Many people have said that it is one of the most shocking things they have seen in this show.

Some people said that it is weird that Laura even thinks about such things, especially to someone unrelated to her.

Due to this slang and people doing it to make it funny, there have even been harassment complaints.

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