Survivor 46 Jess Chong Husband: Does She Have Kids? Family Details

Jess Chong
Jess takes pride in her career as a Software Engineer. (Source: Instagram)

Contestant from Survivor 46 was surprised by one aspect of the game absence of the dramatic Survivor soundtrack from which people wants to know about Jess Chong husband, kids and family details.

Jess was born in March 1986 and originally hails from Hong Kong.

Jess showed her smarts by getting into web development when she was only 13 in 1999.

She attended Vassar College, graduating with honors in Geography in 2008, minoring in Chinese.

Fluent in French and Mandarin, her linguistic abilities expanded her reach in both personal and professional spheres.

In 2017, Jess attended a tote bag-making class, discovering her passion for sewing and also in 2024, she discovered she had ADHD, adding another layer to her multifaceted identity.

Her journey evolved into Crocophant Makes, a business venture showcasing her dedication to craftsmanship.

She moved to San Francisco after earning a scholarship for a coding boot camp, taking a significant risk sight unseen.

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Survivor 46 Jess Chong Husband

Jess and Chris Clayman are happily married, sharing a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Their love story started in 2012 when they first met outside a bar in Hong Kong, sparking a connection that led to their joyful journey together.

Chris, a teacher in rural China at the time, caught her attention during a routine visa run.

Chris Clayman’s journey began in Texas, where he lived a comfortable American Christian middle-class lifestyle.

Jess Chong
She enjoys biking around San Francisco with her husband, creating cherished memories. (Source: Instagram)

His encounter with Jesus propelled him into an adventure with God, leading him from Texas to Cambridge University and eventually to Muslim West Africa.

His academic pursuits and spiritual hunger intersected, shaping his path toward a deeper understanding of God’s global purposes.

Chris Clayman authored the book “Super plan: A Journey into God’s Story” and also wrote “ethnicity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York”, shedding light on the diverse ethnic landscape of NYC.

As part of the Global Gates team, he continues to impact lives in global gateway cities.

His experiences demonstrate how ordinary disciples can accomplish the extraordinary when aligned with God’s purposes.

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Jess Chong Kids And Family Details

The details about Jess Chong’s family and kids are not widely known, with only information about her husband being shared due to their special bonds.

Jess’s Chinese parents raised her in both Hong Kong and Toronto, providing her with a multicultural upbringing that enriched her experiences and worldview.

Jess’s upbringing is a mix of cultural influences, influenced by her Asian heritage and Chinese roots.

Jess Chong
She transitioned into software engineering and now mentors’ others who embark on a similar path. (Source: Instagram)

This diverse background has shaped her worldview and values, adding richness to her identity and experiences.

She shares a special bond with her family, including her identical twin sister, Justina, and her younger sister, Jennifer.

Jess left her mark on Survivor Season 46, vying for the title of sole survivor and the prized $1 Million.

Her competitive spirit and determination were evident as she navigated the game’s challenges, aiming to emerge victorious among the castaways.

Her journey took her to the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, where she faced challenges, alliances, and strategic gameplay.

Jess’s appearance on the show caught viewers’ attention, and her genuine personality stood out.

Her authenticity and sincerity resonated with audiences, making her a memorable contestant.

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