John Oliver Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish? Ethnicity And Family Background

John Oliver religion
John Oliver is a television host in England.

John Oliver is a British comedian and host of the popular HBO show Last Week Tonight, whose religion has sparked the conversation amongst his fans. 

John Oliver is a well-known comedian and television host in England. He is known for insightful criticism, witty humor, and in-depth analysis of current affairs.

He is the host and executive producer of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,”. One of his remarkable aspects is his ability to use humor to address weighty subjects.

John is fearless in exploring controversial topics like politics, social concerns, and international affairs. Moreover, he also offers a special fusion of knowledge and amusement.

While he is a well-known personality, everything related to him sparks a conversation. At the moment, people are keen to learn about his religion.

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John Oliver Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish?

While John Oliver grew up in the church of England, he didn’t make his views on Christianity or any religion really clear.

In an interview with Terry Gross, he said his Anglicanism lapsed at the age of 12. It happened after his church failed to provide him with any helpful guidance on the death of a school friend and an uncle.

However, he has criticized the United States for permitting religion to infiltrate its laws. Although he hasn’t explicitly stated that he supports any one religion, he has established his own little church.

Oliver has addressed weighty matters associated with faith on his show, even despite his lighthearted approach to religion.

Moreover, he has done segments on the impact of religion on politics, religious freedom, and the division between church and state.

John Oliver opened his own church Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption
John Oliver opened his own church Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. (Source: YouTube)

Oliver once registered Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, a religious organization. He then collected donations which went to  Doctors Without Borders.

The organization ended up with thousands of donations, as per the reports. Alongside US currency, the donation also came in the form of bags of seeds, beef jerky, and foreign currency.

Currently, he has closed the church and has never given any further statements.

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John Oliver Ethnicity And Family Background

John Oliver is both British and American and was born on April 23, 1977, in Birmingham, England, to parents of mixed ethnic backgrounds.

His father, Jim Oliver from Liverpool, England, has Scottish ancestry. Meanwhile, his mother, Carole Oliver, who is originally from Liverpool, holds Irish heritage.

Growing up, the comedian got to experience a blend of English, Scottish, and Irish cultures within his family.

He often takes a humorous take on his multicultural background in his comedy.

Moreover, he also talks about sharing anecdotes about the quirks and traditions of his upbringing.

During one of his interviews, his family’s diverse heritage influenced his sense of humor and comedic style.

John Oliver says his multi-ethinic background played a role on his comedic background
John Oliver says his multi-ethnic background played a role in his comedic background. (Source: Salon)

John loves to poke fun at the stereotypes associated with each of his ancestral roots. He also adds a personal touch to his jokes which makes his audience connect to him.

His dad, Jim, was both a school headmaster and social worker. On the other hand, his mother, Carole was a music teacher.

In addition to his family, his uncle was the composer Stephen Oliver. Back when he was in school, he learned to play the viola as a child.

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