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Love Is Blind Laura Dadisman Wikipedia And Age: Ethnicity And Religion

Fans of the Netflix reality series Love Is Blind are curious about Laura Dadisman Wikipedia, one of the contestants in Season 6. She has been involved in some drama on the show along with the season finale having a surprising twist.

Laura Dadisman is one of the cast members in season six of the famous Television series Love Is Blind.

She is one of the cast members to get engaged in the show. In season six of Love Is Blind, Laura got engaged to Jeramey.

Firstly, this couple was popular due to their romantic involvement in a love triangle.

Secondly, this couple also were in the spotlight due to the controversy of the slang bean dip.

Laura’s motive for participating in the show was to find a “strong man” as her partner.

Laura has also revealed that her worst habit is seeking perfection in everything including partners.

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Love Is Blind Laura Dadisman Wikipedia And Age

Laura Dadisman is a 34 years-old account director.

She is currently working as an account director at MWC Las Vegas. Her LinkedIn profile bio states that she is a hard-working, creative-thinking, and high-energy motivator.

The same profile also adds that she has a deep knowledge and understanding of sales, marketing, and business development.

She claims herself as an “ugly laugher” in her Instagram bio. Her interests and hobbies include attending music festivals, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Laura Dadisman Love Is Blind Wikipedia
Laura Dadisman is an account director. (source: Instagram)

Laura has also said that she takes cleaning very seriously and does not like any uncleaned place or things.

Laura before entering the sixth season of Love Is Blind was hoping to find a partner in the show.

Her wish might come true as she is currently in the next phase of the show with her partner Jeramey.

But a later episode shows the couple having a fight and not talking since. The fight was due to Laura accusing Jeramey of cheating.

Her social media account does not reveal her partner, but it is understandable, as the show has not been completely released yet.

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Laura Dadisman’s Ethnicity And Religion

Laura has never revealed her religious beliefs in any of the shows or interviews.

She is supposed to be born a Christian and now might not follow any religion as she has never posted anything related to it on any of her social media accounts.

Laura has also revealed nothing about her parents or anyone of her siblings.

So, her ethnicity also cannot be tracked. She is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

She was also born in the United States and finished her education there as she graduated from East Carolina University.

Laura Dadisman religion
Laura Dadisman has a bachelor’s degree in science. (source: Instagram)

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Apparel Merchandising/Business Management.

In conclusion, Laura Dadisman from Love Is Blind season six has not revealed any information about her religion and ethnicity.

Her major focus during the experiment show was to make sure she revealed her hobby and interest to her date then her religion and ethnicity.

Due to these reasons, her ancestral history and origin are not yet available in the public domain.

So, her ethnicity is even more hard to reveal unless she does it herself in the future.

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