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Lyndell Mays Wife: Kids And Family Background Kansas City

The curiosity about Lyndell Mays wife sparked as he was in the headlines for the murder charge. He, alongside Dominic Miller, fired weapons following a verbal argument in the Kansas City Superbowl Parade Shooting. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced homicide charges against two adult men.

These men were accused of causing the fatal shooting during the Chiefs championship rally.

Dominic M. Miller, age 18, and Lyndell Mays, age 23 were the two accused men. As per Baker, they fired a gun after a verbal argument.

This quickly escalated when Miller allegedly struck Lopez-Galvan. At the moment, both men are in the hospital following the fatal shooting.

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Lyndell Mays Wife: Does He Have Kids?

There is no mention of Lyndell Mays wife or kids on any social media, as of now. He has been in the headlines for second-degree murder in the death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

As no one has mentioned his spouse, the 23-year-old Mays may not be married. Similarly, there has not been any statement from his family about him being married.

While talking about his relationship, he has a girlfriend. His sister stated that he is the person who stays home and cuddles with his girlfriend.

According to the statement, Mays has confirmed that he drew the gun first in a crowd full of people and kids.

Moreover, he also picked up a random individual and started shooting.

People running to save their life as the shooting started in the parade
People ran to save their lives as the shooting started in the parade. (Source: NY Post)

Mays added that what he did was stupid and shouldn’t have done that. Allegedly, he was carrying a black Taurus G3 9mm pistol.

Meanwhile, his gun was not the one that killed Lopez-Galvan. Lopez-Galvan, the victim, was a mother and local DJ at the radio station KKF.

Till now, she was the only one who died in the fatal shooting that day. Followingly, nine children and 22 people got injured in the incident.

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Kansas City Lyndell Mays Family Background

Lyndell Mays’s mother Teneal Burnside, father, and unnamed sister are coming forward with their statement. His mom even set up a GoFundMe to get help with his medical bills.

On the other hand, his sister, who wants to stay unnamed, claims that her brother is not a monster.

His mother posted a photo of him seriously ill in his hospital bed while asking for funds.

While pleading for money, she mentioned his son was going through a tragic time. She added he is in the ICU fighting for his life with several surgeries.

Meanwhile, his sister insists that he is innocent of second-degree murder charges. She told Dailymail that he was just protecting her and was innocent.

Lyndell Mays told the police that he was just being stupid
Lyndell Mays told the police that he was stupid to start shooting. (Source: NY Post)

Further in her statement, she added that it hurts as he was just trying to protect his sister.

Mays’s family accepts that he should face the charge of possession of a weapon and shooting into a crowd. However, they disagree with the second-degree murder charge.

His sister has been insisting that Mays’s gun did not kill the lady but the other guy’s did.

Further, his father questioned what he was supposed to do when those guys came with semi-automatic weapons.

The father describes his son, Mays, as a kindhearted guy who got caught up in a bad situation. He also added that his son got scared of those guns.

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