Lyndell Mays Ethnicity And Religion: Is He Christian? Family Details

Lyndell Mays shooting
Lyndell Mays is a twenty-three-year-old male who is a suspect in the Kansas City.

Lyndell Mays ethnicity and religion are circling around the internet as people believe the shooting might be related to religious beliefs.

Lyndell Mays is a twenty-three-year-old male who is a suspect in the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting on 14 February 2024.

Mays was the first one to get arrested following the event. He was also the first one to start shooting that day on parade.

Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller were the two who have been arrested for this case until now.

The event unfolded after Mays started shooting, following his argument against, at least, four people.

Mays was arrested on 17 February and was charged with second-degree murder and also unlawful use of a weapon.

One person died due to the shooting, and twenty-two others were injured, including eleven people younger than the age of sixteen.

Mays allegedly did the shooting because he thought that someone was going to kill him after the argument.

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Lyndell Mays Ethnicity And Religion: Is He Christian?

Lyndell Mays’s race is black and he is from Raytown, Jackson County, Missouri, United States of America.

Except this, no more information is available about his ethnicity in any sources.

His Complaint file from the Court of Jackson County, Missouri only reveals his age and race and nothing else.

His religion is also not revealed in any of the media sources.

Since this case was unrelated to religion, no information about his religion and beliefs was revealed.

Lyndell Mays religion
A Glock 9mm pistol was found next to Mays. (Source: NY Post)

So, whether he is Christian or not is not known yet. Also, none of his confession quotes relate to his religious beliefs.

More about this case will be revealed as it will be presented in court for decision and sentence.

Lyndell has also stated in one of his confessions that his shooting was a “stupid” decision.

He also added that he first hesitated to use the guns because of the presence of children but decided against it when he thought he was in danger.

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Lyndell Mays Family Detail

Lyndell Mays’s family details are not available at the moment.

In many sensitive cases like shootings and murders, the suspect’s family details are not revealed.

It is mainly because of security reasons because many people and media might disturb the lives of innocent people.

This is also the case for Lyndell Mays. Additionally, no person has come out in public as the representative of the Mays family.

Mays’s case and sentence are yet to be decided as the case has not gone forward yet.

Lyndell Mays ethnicity
Photo of the victim Lisa Lopez-Galvan. (Source: NY Post)

Police are still looking for the other suspects but the complaint file states that the sentence might be between ten to thirty years or life imprisonment.

Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller are the only two suspects that have been caught yet. However, sources claim that at least four people were involved in this incident.

The person who died in this shooting was Lisa Lopez Gavlan, a mother of two children.

Many people have shown tribute to her in different forms. The family of the victim has thanked everyone, including the police, for arresting the suspects.

They have also thanked law enforcers for making this case a top priority and believe that justice will be served for Lisa.

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