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Is Owen Benjamin Gay Rumor True? Girlfriend And Relationship

The rumors about Owen Benjamin being gay have been a subject of speculation for a while. Despite being currently single, his past relationship has created a buzz within people.

Owen Benjamin is a popular American conspiracy theorist who mostly talks about white supremacy, antisemitism, and homophobia.

He has been working as a standup comedian and playing a comedian role in a movie between 2004 and 2018.

Moreover, he was in controversy for being banned on Twitter for talking about the gun control advocate.

Additionally, people found him problematic because he expressed gay sex as being “degeneracy” and also used the “N” word to Obama.

“Jews and Gays are the worst of the worst” was his statement in one of the live streams.

He thinks they will have a bad impact on the entire civilization.

Despite being very popular, his controversial statements made his agency drop him and cancel tour dates.

It is common for standup comedians to be in frequent controversies because they tend to joke about people’s emotions.

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Is Owen Benjamin Gay Rumor True?

Owen Benjamin is now 43 years old, and despite his making anti-LGBTQI statements people have it that he is gay.

Making these statements, he faced several consequences, like the demonetization of YouTube and being banned from Twitter.

Owen Benjamin has not publicly shared his sexual orientation, so it’s impossible to say definitively whether he is gay or not.

Owen Benjamin gay rumor
Owen Benjamin is known for his standup comedies and controversies. (Source: Famous birthdays)

Moreover, he claims that his dad is gay and has been frequently going to gay prostitutes.

It shows that he does not even have respect for his family and still supports the people who don’t like the gay community.

However, people have the opinion that they think he can’t be gay because he has made derogatory statements about gays.

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Owen Benjamin Girlfriend And Relationship

Despite him making racist, homophobic, and anti-semantic comments on people during his shows, he still has some girlfriends in the past.

He has had 2 relationships as of now and both seem to be very serious.

Amanda Smith was his girlfriend in the past, and source has it that she was a very supportive girlfriend to him.

Moreover, she is a talented painter and art enthusiast and has been showcasing her rate in different art galleries.

Their seamless portrayal of a perfect couple on and off stage stemmed from their shared passion for creativity and Owen’s comedic wit.

Owen Benjamin Girlfriend and Relationship
Christina Ricci was supportive of him, being a caring and devoted girlfriend. (Source: Daily Mail)

They both had a passion for exploring nature and doing outdoor activities, apart from creativity binding them together.

Additionally, hiking, camping, and walking in nature together were mostly seen.

Her support for Owen has been a huge help for him in his entertainment career during his vulnerabilities.

Both of them were of the same age as being born in the 1980s, which was another compatibility factor.

Amanda is often seen accompanying Owen’s comedy shows and provides him support.

Moreover, Amanda seems to be a private person and her social platforms are hard to find.

Other than Amanda, some rumors are he was engaged to Christina Ricci in 2009 and was seen walking around with her.

However, as of 2024 he is not married to any of his girlfriends but was in a committed relationship.

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