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Survivor 46 Q Burdette Wife Emily Burdette: Family And Kid Details

As fans eagerly await the premiere of Survivor 46, they are eager to learn more about Q Brudette personal life, particularly details about his wife and children.

Quintavius Burdette, a standout contestant on Survivor 46, has captured viewers’ attention with his charismatic personality.

Burdette, a 29 year-old Mississippi native, brings a strategic approach and a strong physical presence to Survivor 46.

He has a captivating backstory that goes beyond his incredible strength.

Further, he feels that his charm and people abilities will be very important in the game, even though he has an athletic background.

Q, a former football player, plans to use strategy to get his tribe to the Final Four.

He shared his experience after graduating from college, mentioning that he first tried out for the Giants and even took out for a Master’s in Accounting.

Later, he discovered real estate, though, and that’s where his true calling lay after realizing he didn’t want a desk job.

Viewers are excited to follow Q Burdette’s journey on Survivor 46, as his fascinating personal and professional background gives his character on the program even more compelling depth.

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Survivor 46 Q Burdette Wife Emily Burdette

Q Burdette, a contestant on Survivor 46, has drawn attention from viewers not only for his athletic abilities but also for his touching tale of love with his wife Emily Burdette.

The married pair, who tied the knot on July 18, 2020, has had an incredible journey together.

Emily expressed her joy and love for Q on her Instagram on their wedding day, stating, “I married my best friend and the man of my dreams.”

The most magical day ever surrounded by our favorite people… love wins!!” The post reflects the couple’s happiness and the significance of their union.

survivor 46 q burdette wife
Q and Emily had a remarkable journey together since their wedding on July 18, 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Emily Burdette, Q’s wife, is more than just a life partner; she appears to be a dedicated medical professional.

Further, Emily is involved with the Trevecca Physician Assistant Program.

She is committed to her profession and has practical experience to develop the necessary skills for compassionate patient care.

Looking through their Instagram accounts reveals that Q and Emily may have been high school sweethearts, as evidenced by their countless dating photos and shared memories.

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Survivor 46 Q Burdette Family And Kid Details

Survivor 46 contestant Q Burdette and his wife, Emily Burdette, have been sharing their journey of love and commitment since their marriage on July 18, 2020.

As they celebrated their 3rd anniversary, Q posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, showcasing their enduring love and loyalty.

Q is well-known for being transparent about his life and work, having amassed over 11,000 Instagram followers.

Pictures of key occasions, such as holidays and career achievements, are regularly shared by him with Emily.

The duo seemed to be at the peak of their professions, concentrating on worthwhile projects.

Although there is no information accessible about Q Burdette and Emily being parents.

Their fans became curious and speculated about it after Q posted a picture of a baby on Instagram on October 7, 2023.

survivor 46 q burdette wife
Currently, Q and Emily do not have any children. (Source: Instagram)

Q said, “All the babies love me, and so should you!!!” in the lighthearted caption. If you list with me, I’ll buy shoes for your baby! I’m kidding, but really, come list with me!”

The post ironically implies that Q has a soft spot for kids because of his work as a real estate agent.

Fans of the pair eagerly anticipate any news or updates regarding their family as they keep growing in their personal and professional lives.

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