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Sab Zada Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photo 2024

A recent viral picture of Jaden Smith with his girlfriend has ignited speculation of Sab Zada plastic surgery as she looks a bit different.

Sab Zada was born on 18 June 1999 in Houston, Texas, United States of America.

She is a social media influencer, model and singer who is known for her beauty and girlfriend of famous rapper Jaden Smith.

Her full name is Sabrina Zada, and she is known on Instagram as Princess Sab Zada, as her bio describes her as a movie character.

Except for her social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter, she also has a YouTube channel with over fifty-two thousand subscribers.

She has posted music videos, vlogs, and fashion and makeup content on her YouTube.

Sabrina also has contracts with model agencies like LA Models, Select Models Management, and SLASH Management.

Further, she has also modeled for many brands, including Crocs, SMASHBOX cosmetics, Salehe Bembury, and GUESS Originals.

Sab and Jaden’s dating rumor started back in 2020 when the couple were seen holding hands. They have been dating publicly since then and are still together.

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Sab Zada Plastic Surgery

Sab Zada has never revealed anything about any kind of plastic surgery anywhere.

She has also never published anything related to plastic surgery anywhere else on the internet.

However, many people believe she did have plastic surgery because of her physical appearance and beautiful face.

Many people in this era and age, especially influencers and celebrities, have plastic surgery to light up their appearance.

Some plastic surgery is oblivious and some even do the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

Sab Zada plastic surgery
Sab Zada has released music on Spotify. (source: Instagram)

But in the case of Sab Zada, she never accepted or denied the rumors about her plastic surgery.

None of her closest people has revealed anything about surgery, including her friends and boyfriend Jaden.

Sab has kept most of her personal life very private, including her parents, siblings, and health.

So, these factors have made people speculate and never conclude because of the lack of information.

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Sab Zada Before And After Photo 2024

After the rumor of Sab Zada’s plastic surgery peaked around the internet, many people started searching for before and after photos of hers.

Her first photo that was posted on Instagram was back in 2016 when she was about to join college.

Since then, she has posted over twelve hundred posts, and there does not seem to be a lot of changes on her face or body.

People’s claims about plastic surgery can not be found by comparing the before and after photos of Sab.

As seen in some photos, she may have had procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelift, botox, and fillers to enhance her appearance.

sab zada before and after
Sab Zada’s before and after pictures show some differences in her facial features. (Source: Reddit)

However, most of the photos do not seem that different, and those that look a bit different have a large age difference.

So, comparing large age-difference photos is no evidence as they do not show any kind of metric.

Moreover, Sab likes to keep things private and has not revealed anything about any type of surgery herself.

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