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Shannon Gooden Wife: Was He Married? Kids Details

Shannon Gooden wife and kids’ details are what people are searching for after the tragic event that unfolded in Burnsville killing four people.

Shannon Cortez Gooden was a thirty-eight-year-old male who killed himself after shooting two police officers and a paramedic.

Sources have claimed that Shannon used multiple guns to kill these three innocent people and used one of those guns to take his own life.

He was lifetime banned from possessing any firearm back in 2008. This was due to an assault conviction case filed against him.

After nearly twelve years, in 2020, Gooden appealed to the court to restore his right to own a gun. But the court denied it.

The denial of the court was mainly because of the case filed against him about violent abuse.

The authorities are shocked and are questioning how a man who was banned from possessing a firearm got so many guns.

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Shannon Gooden Wife: Was He Married?

Shannon Gooden’s marriage status has never been revealed, but some sources claim he was in a relationship with two women.

Only two of his girlfriends in his life have been identified. His previous girlfriend was Noemi Torres.

According to Noemi, Gooden possessed no gun during their time together. She also claimed that she did not know how he got those guns.

His current girlfriend’s name is Ashley, and except that no further information about her has been released to the public.

Shannon Gooden Wife
Officer Paul Elmstrand, the victim of the shooting, with his family. (Source: Twitter)

But authorities believe that his present girlfriend was the one who called officers to their rental home. She called the police claiming there was a sexual assault at that home.

Right after the police arrived, Gooden tried to barricade himself in his bedroom. However, during the negotiation, Gooden opened fire on police officers and later shot himself.

His previous girlfriend, Torres, separated from him due to his regular abuse against her.

And when she talked about complaining to cops, Gooden always threatened by saying he would kill all of them, including cops.

So, many people believe that he always has intentions to kill police officers.

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Shannon Gooden’s Kids Details

Gooden had five children with two women and was in a new relationship with a woman with two more children.

Further, there were seven kids during the time of the firing in his house. Among those, five were his own kids, and two were his current girlfriend’s.

He had three kids with his previous girlfriend, Noemi Torres, and two with his current girlfriend, Ashley.

All his children are between the ages of four to fifteen and were all present in the house during the shooting.

Police and authorities have given clear information that all kids are safe. And are currently living in a relative house.

Shannon Gooden wife
Gooden had a history of domestic violence and a felony conviction that barred him from possessing firearms. (Source: The Mirror)

Further reports have suggested that despite earning over ten thousand dollars a month, Gooden was still asking for child support from Torres.

He used to work as an auto painter at LaMettry’s Collision in Rosemount. He used to earn self-sufficient money for himself and his children.

Gooden has been constantly working on a stable job for over a decade and has not been in any police case since 2008.

The three people who were killed in that incident were paramedic Adam Finseth and two police officers, Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge.

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