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Trevor Wakefield Age And Wikipedia: Family And Ethnicity

Trevor Wakefield wikipedia may not reveal much about his personal interests, education, or career, but it showcases his family’s remarkable legacy in sports and beyond.

The Boston Red Sox revealed on Wednesday that Stacy Wakefield, the late pitcher Tim Wakefield’s wife, passed away from pancreatic cancer.

The couple leaves behind their children, Trevor and Brianna, to carry on their legacy of kindness and compassion.

Stacy’s strength, love, and down-to-earth nature endeared her to all who knew her.

Trevor Wakefield is the older child of former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield and his spouse Stacy.

Trevor most likely had a special upbringing, full of the obligations and pleasures of belonging to a famous family.

Being Tim Wakefield’s son, Trevor may have firsthand experience of dedication, given Tim’s remarkable 19-year MLB career.

Though not widely acknowledged, Trevor Wakefield undoubtedly upholds his family’s legacy on and off the field.

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Trevor Wakefield: Age And Wikipedia

The former pitcher Tim Wakefield and his wife Stacy Wakefield are the parents of Trevor Wakefield.

Born in 2004, Trevor was raised in the shadow of his father’s incredible 20-year baseball career, much of which was spent with the Boston Red Sox.

Trevor Wakefield had probably one of the most unusual childhoods ever, complete with trips to baseball games.

But he’s opted to remain out of the spotlight, which frequently follows prominent figure families.

Trevor Wakefield Age
Tim, his wife, Stacy, and kids Trevor (on the left) and Brianna (on the right). (Source: People)

The older child of Stacy Wakefield has picked up the same profession as his father, which is a sports career in baseball.

Furthermore, Trevor started his professional baseball career in 2019 while playing baseball intermittently during middle school.

Learning and observing from his father, Trevor picked up a skill set similar to his father’s and played the position of Pitcher on his team.

Besides that, Trevor also looks like his father, 6 feet 1 inches tall and 160 pounds in weight.

While limited on Wikipedia, it’s evident Trevor Wakefield hails from a philanthropic family.

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Trevor Wakefield Family And Ethnicity

Stacy Wakefield, beloved wife of former Major League pitcher Tim Wakefield, has passed away at the age of 53, just five months after Tim’s tragic demise.

To the very end, she was a source of love and support for her family, even though she was battling pancreatic cancer.

Throughout her life, Stacy never wavered in her devotion to her husband, Tim, and their family.

Tragically, just months after Tim passed from brain cancer, Stacy’s battle came to an end. In addition to celebrating Stacy Wakefield’s impact, we mourn her passing.

Trevor family
Trevor started his professional baseball career in 2019 while playing baseball intermittently during school. (Source: Patch)

However, on 28th February 2024, Stacy Wakefield took her last breath, leaving behind her children in utter sorrow.

While the Wakefield family is dealing with two deaths back to back in 5 months, netizens are worried about Trevor and his sister Brianna.

Trevor Wakefield has a mixed ethnicity. While specific details about his ethnic background may not be widely available, it is known that he is of American nationality.

Trevor’s preference for privacy suggests that he deliberately chooses to maintain a low profile and limit the amount of personal information he shares with the public.

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