Tyler Boebert Girlfriend Naomi Rocha: Does He Have A Baby? Wife And Family Details

Tyler Boebert Girlfriend
Lauren Boebert an American politician, and businesswoman with her son Tyler. (Source: Instagram)

Tyler Boebert, the son of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, has garnered media attention following his arrest, sparking inquiries about his girlfriend and family details.

Tyler Boebert is widely acknowledged as the son of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

However, Tyler has not officially disclosed his details in the media.

Preferring to stay out of the media spotlight, Tyler is commonly recognized for his association with his mother.

Lauren, Tyler’s mother, is an American politician and businesswoman who has served as the U.S. representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district for the past three years.

Furthermore, Lauren, a prominent member of the Republican Party, is widely recognized for her strong advocacy of gun rights.

Similarly, within Congress, Boebert aligns herself with the conservative Republican Study Committee.

She is also affiliated with the right-wing Freedom Caucus, where she assumed the role of communications chair in January 2022.

Lauren has secured victories in election campaigns, showcasing her credibility and competence in political endeavors.

Her noteworthy political career in the United States has brought her success and garnered considerable fame and recognition.

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Tyler Boebert’s Girlfriend Naomi Rocha: Does He Have A Baby?

Lauren Boebert made a public announcement, revealing that her 17-year-old son, Tyler, will be making her a grandmother at the age of 36 in April.

During her speech at Patriot Talks, she shared that Tyler will soon become a father, marking her transition to grandmotherhood.

Tyler Boebert Girlfriend
Lauren Boebert with her little grandson Josiah. ( Source: Raw Story)

According to media sources, Naomi Rocha is identified as the mother of Tyler’s child. Notably, she is of the same age as Tyler.

Tyler, the son of Lauren, is now the proud father of a baby boy named Josiah, as reported by various sources. The family is experiencing the joy of this new addition.

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Tyler Boebert  Wife And Family Details

Tyler Boebert, the son of U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert, is not married but is the father of a baby boy at the age of 17.

The mother of Tyler’s child is Naomi Rocha, although, according to Naomi, they are not currently together.

She stated that“We are not together,” Rocha said. “We were for a year and a half.”

“My son never leaves my side unless I’m at work or he’s with Tyler,” Rocha said.

Even though they aren’t a couple, Rocha and Tyler Boebert share parenting duties.

“We do 50-50,” she said. “As of right now, no courts are involved.”

Tyler Boebert Wife and family details.
Tyler Boebert, a Son of Us Rep. Lauren Boebert, is a father now. ( Source: People)

Furthermore, Tyler and Naomi both actively participate in raising their child, each taking separate paths in their parenting journey.

Moreover, Rocha has not yet disclosed official details about her personal life and family

Likewise, Lauren, the child’s grandmother, expressed great joy and admiration for her son stepping into fatherhood. She praised him for expanding the Boebert family.

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