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Who Is Alice Benziger? Husband Anand Sujith Henry And Kids

Alice Benziger, the wife of Anand Sujith Henry and mother of twin boys, has sparked controversy and her family became a public conversation topic after the recent news of the tragic murder-suicide incident.

Alice Benziger, 36, served as a data science manager at Zillow and lived in San Mateo, according to her LinkedIn.

Benziger’s position at Zillow indicates she had a professional career as a data scientist.

She, along with her husband, Anand Sujith Henry, and kids, were tragically involved in a murder-suicide in San Mateo, California, in February 2024.

An investigation is currently underway, but authorities have not released more information about her background.

Moreover, the incident deeply shocked and saddened the community.

The family of four had been deceased inside their residence on Alameda de las Pulgas in San Mateo for nearly two days before anyone became aware of the situation.

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Alice Benziger Husband Anand Sujith Henry

Anand Sujith Henry, husband of Alice Benziger, was involved in a tragic murder-suicide that claimed their entire family, including their twin sons.

Before this event, Henry, a former Google engineer, had initiated divorce proceedings from Benziger years earlier, although it was not finalized.

Henry possessed an extensive professional background as a software engineering manager at Google for seven years.

He then transitioned to a role at Meta, a company founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Additionally, Henry played a role in founding the generative AI company called Logits.

Alice Benziger family
Anand Sujith Henry, a former Google engineer, found himself mired in a tragic murder-suicide that claimed the lives of his wife, Alice Benziger, and their twin sons. (Source: YahooNews)

His personal life took a horrifying turn when he was found dead alongside his wife and children in their California home.

Despite authorities’ efforts to uncover a motive, including reviewing past police visits, a clear understanding of the tragedy remains elusive.

The incident shocked the community and left them grappling with the incomprehensible act of violence committed within the Henry-Benziger family.

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Alice Benziger Family: The Tragic Loss Of Children

The family of Alice Benziger endured the devastating loss of their children in a tragic event that shook their community to its core.

The tragic loss of Alice Benziger’s children was further compounded by the suspected involvement of her husband, Anand Henry.

The former Meta employee and husband of Alice Benziger, Henry, was involved in the murder that took the lives of his family.

Despite the outward appearance of a happy family, the reality of their circumstances revealed a profound tragedy.

An investigation revealed that a 9mm handgun registered to Henry was found at the scene, adjacent to the bodies of the deceased.

Alice Benziger Husband and kids
The tragic loss of Alice Benziger’s children leaves many grappling with sorrow and disbelief. (Source: Facebook)

While Alice Benziger succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds, Henry was found with a single gunshot wound, indicative of a self-inflicted injury.

The community grapples with the incomprehensible loss of innocent lives and the unsettling reality of domestic violence.

Friends and acquaintances reflect on the tragedy, trying to reconcile it with their memories of the family they once knew.

Authorities continue investigating the events leading up to the loss of Alice Benziger’s children.

Despite the passage of time, the pain of this loss remains palpable. It serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact of senseless violence.

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