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Adrian Peterson Divorce Rumor With Wife Ashley Brown: Relationship Details

The arrest of NFL player Adrian Peterson in February, accused of domestic violence against his wife, Ashley, sparked speculation and fueled divorce rumors. People on the internet are expressing concern for the pair.

Adrian Nicholas Peterson, an American football player, was born on July 1, 1979.

He competed professionally in the National Football League and the United Football League as a running back.

The Chicago Bears selected him in the sixth round of the 2002 NFL Draft, and he played for them for eight seasons before signing on to play for the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL.

Peterson played college football for the Georgia Southern Eagles, where he had an equally amazing career.

There, he broke numerous records, won many titles, and received the Walter Payton Award.

At the end of his incredible career, Peterson had the Division I record for the most rushing touchdowns ever, a record he held until 2015.

At present, he works at Georgia Southern as the director of student-athlete development.

Despite his achievements on the field, rumors concerning Peterson’s wife Ashley’s divorce have surfaced due to recent headlines regarding his arrest at Los Angeles International Airport.

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Adrian Peterson Divorce Rumor With Wife Ashley Brown

The former NFL player Adrian Peterson was arrested, and news exploded on the internet regarding the domestic violence with his wife, Ashley Brown.

Following an event that happened on a Los Angeles to Houston trip.

The incident resulted in Peterson’s arrest at Los Angeles International Airport on February 13, 2022, after it was reported that the couple had engaged in a verbal and physical conflict.

Peterson’s arrest was verified by the NFL in a later press release. He was released on the same day of the arrest after posting a $50,000 bond.

adrian peterson divorce
Peterson’s arrest was verified by the NFL in a later press release. ( Source: Instagram )

Later on, Ashley Peterson defended her husband on Instagram after the incident.

She made it clear in a statement that the conflict was a “verbal argument” and that Adrian did not physically harm her.

Ashley requested privacy, saying it was a private matter between them and that their kids should take priority.

Adrian Peterson apologized for his actions and accepted responsibility for his behavior when he reposted his wife’s statement on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Adrian expressed regret and admitted that his actions had been “childish,” adding that he could have handled the matter differently to keep it from worsening.

Ashley Peterson has been posting images of herself and Adrian on Instagram lately to further debunk the divorce rumors.

This shows they are committed to working through their difficulties as a couple and have presented a united front.

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Adrian Peterson And Ashley Brown Relationship Details

The romance between Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown extends back before Peterson’s NFL career.

Adrian was a college athlete for the University of Oklahoma when the couple first met.

They went through an occasional dating phase after making their first connection throughout their undergraduate years.

As Adrian’s professional football career developed, they ultimately decided to settle down.

Along with being a model, Ashely started Elizabella Cosmetics, a cosmetics company she currently leads as CEO.

She gladly advertises her cruelty-free goods on Instagram, where she features a variety of lipsticks and other products.

adrian peterson wife
Adrian and Ashley secretly wed on July 19, 2014. ( Source: Instagram )

Ashley is not just interested in cosmetics but also in charities. She is a director and president of the AAPF Foundation, which she co-founded with Adrian.

When Adrian and Ashley were seen wearing rings at the event, it was confirmed that they had secretly wed on July 19, 2014.

As per her social media post, Ashley celebrated her third childbirth on August 29, 2023.

In addition to their recently born daughter, Adrian and Ashley are the proud parents of Adrian Peterson, Jr. and Axyl Eugene Peterson, two boys.

Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown’s relationship is complex, as seen by their dedication to their families and businesses despite recent difficulties and divorce rumors.

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