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Khanya Mkangisa Pregnant: Baby Bump And Weight Gain

The news of Khanya Mkangisa pregnant took a swirl on the Internet. Her fans and well-wishers are happy for her journey of welcoming a newborn into their family.

Khanya Mkangisa is currently in the headlines for welcoming a new member into her family.

Mkangisa is a talented, charming, and versatile actress and television presenter from South Africa.

She is well-known in the entertainment sector. Khanya’s journey to fame came from her captivating on-screen persona and unwavering commitment to her job.

Beyond her on-screen accomplishments, people also admire her for her fashion sense and style.

Her most well-known roles have been in television shows like Harvest, Step Up to a Start-Up, Shattered, and Isidingo.

She also works as a DJ and television personality. Khanya gained her greatest recognition as a YoTV presenter in the early 2000s.

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Khanya Mkangisa Pregnant: The Actress Welcomed A Baby Boy

Khanya Mkangisa is now the mother of a baby boy, as per the reports. The actress disclosed she was pregnant through a recent photoshoot while wearing Maxhosa attire.

The actress announced the news of the birth through an interview with Nounoche. She welcomed her first baby with her partner Desmond Williams.

In an interview, Khanya stated that she was in disbelief and shocked as she became a new mother.

She also added that she had been crying and feeling emotional throughout her pregnancy.

Williams is also well-known as the ex-husband of Tshepi Vundla’s younger sister Mawe Vundla. The actress has known her partner and baby daddy since her childhood.

 Khanya Mkangisa pregnant
The television presenter and actress Khanya Mkangisa gave birth to a baby boy (Source: Instagram)

An X user posted personal footage of her and Desmond together on social media in 2022. This quickly spread the word of their relationship all over the Internet.

As the actress is enjoying her new journey of motherhood, she has yet to share a picture of her little bundle of joy.

She expects to pursue roles that have “deeper meaning” while doing her best for her son.

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Learn About Khanya Mkangisa Baby Bump And Weight Gain

Khanya Mkangisa is embarking on a new journey of motherhood. Meanwhile, during her pregnancy, she did not share glimpses of her pregnancy or her snaps of her baby bump.

As pregnancy and baby birth is an intimate matter, the actress chose to keep it private. On the other hand, fans were eager to follow her updates, from her pregnancy to the present.

Khanya and her partner planned for the baby and had done numerous tests before it turned out positive. Talking about her experience, she said she had waited for the baby for a long time.

Khanya radiated joy as she entered a new and thrilling chapter of her life.

The proud mother says it worked out perfectly for her as she shares this with her special person.

Khanya Mkangisa weight gain
Khanya Mkangisa shared a picture of her flaunting her baby bump gracefully after the birth of the baby (Source: Nounouche)

Women’s baby bump and weight gain are more than just physical changes. It is the change that represents the symbol of a new life.

While she continues to keep her journey of pregnancy and baby birth, she is definitely embracing motherhood at the moment.

Likewise, she will continue her new journey as a mother with grace and positivity like her career.

Nounouche exclusively shared the snaps of her baby bump on their website after the baby’s birth.

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