Sketch Marcs

To our mind, Franz Marc is one of the greatest animal painters of the 20th century.

Sketch Marcs

Franz Marc was one of the central artists of the Blue Rider group, the high point of German Expressionism, and was perhaps the greatest animal painter of the twentieth century. This November, our fine art imprint Philip Wilson are publishing the third and final volume of the artist’s complete works, Sketchbooks and Prints.

In the volume, Marc’s 33 sketchbooks have been reconstructed and the leaves presented in their original sequence, including more than 750 new entries from the original folios.The new catalogue on Marc’s prints also provides as exhaustive documentation of the various editions of his well known woodcuts.

For many decades to come these volumes are sure to remain the standard reference work on the artist. So to celebrate this landmark we thought we would share with you a selection of Franz Marc’s works from the forthcoming volume.

Simply click a thumbnail to begin the slideshow.

For more details about Franz Marc the Complete Works Volume III: Sketchbooks and Prints and the other two volumes in the collection, visit the Philip Wilson website.
A collection of postcards Franz Marc sent to friends, including Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, can be seen here.

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