Brand new catalogues for 2015

Now available are our brand new catalogues for 2015 covering the Middle East, History, Politics & International Relations, Religion and our fine art imprint, Philip Wilson Publishers.

Highlights in Middle East studies include Controlling Iran and Arab Media Moguls; Nye and Deng Xiaoping in History; Little Emperors and Material Girls, Boko Haram and Frontline Ukraine in Politics and International Relations; and in Religion Mona Siddiqui’s My Way, and Islam, the latest in our Introductions to Religion series. From Philip Wilson Publishers you can expect a study on Eric Ravilious, published in association with Dulwich Picture Gallery, and Treasured Possessions, published in association with the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Find out for yourselves though, by either browsing online or downloading from the links provided.

Middle East




Politics & International Relations




Philip Wilson Publishers


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