Garth Evans Sculpture

Getting beneath the skin of one of Britain’s most innovative artists.

Garth Evans Sculpture

Garth Evans is a sculptor as capable of evoking intimacy and simplicity as he is of dealing with the monumental and the timeless.

Out now, Garth Evans Sculpture is a complete and long overdue survey of his unique career, revealing a wealth of powerful and innovative work, much of it previously unseen in print.

As narratives of British sculpture are reconsidered, Evans is emerging as one of the most creative and influential artists to bridge the generation of Anthony Caro and Philip King with that of Tony Cragg and Anthony Gormley, so it is cause to celebrate that the first major exhibition of Evans’ work in 20 years has just opened at Yorkshire’s Longside Gallery.

For those unfamiliar with Evans’ work, acquaint yourself with the gallery below. For those familiar, reacquaint yourself.

Click a thumbnail to begin.

Garth Evans SculptureGarth Evans Sculpture: Beneath the Skin is edited by Ann Compton. Originator and Director of the digital research project Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland 1851–1951 ( She has written widely on British painting and sculpture, particularly of the twentieth century.





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